In the late 1980’s Dana McVicker was an emerging country music artist that everyone was talking about.  Tammy Wynette proclaimed that Dana was her favorite female newcomer.  She was nominated for the ACM’s Top New Female Vocalist award in 1988, and the critics loved her self-titled Capitol Records debut.  Everything was looking bright.

She began working with famed producer James Stroud on the songs that would vault her career to stardom.  But in just one moment…. everything changed.  Let’s have Dana tell you about it, and the journey that she’s been on for the last 20 years.

“This project has been in evolution for 20 years, but in order to reach its peak of ripeness it had to take time.  I wrote these songs from life experience and they tell a bit of the journey of my life as a survivor, widow, struggling chick singer, bouts with betrayal , dyslexia, childhood abuse, childhood sexual abuse, depression, finding new love, starting over, having children and yea did I say survivor?  Most of all, I want to express the fact that I’m still standing, quite firmly if I must say so myself.”

“Twenty years ago this past March 16th was the anniversary of one of the most life shattering moments of my life.  It completely changed the course of my world as I knew it.  Everything I ever thought, wanted, planned, or dreamed I would be was changed in a moment’s time.  With the sound of a phone ringing at around 5am central time informing me of the news that my husband was killed in a plane crash off the coast of San Diego.  Damn it!  Life can be so cruel sometimes.”

“Well it may have knocked me down for a spell, but it’s not in me to lay there and give up.  I sometimes wonder why I don’t, it would be so much easier, but I guess I’m not made of that kind of stuff.  Furthermore being blessed, or cursed with the gift of music as part of your DNA, I’m not so sure you have a choice but to let it out.  See I believe one doesn’t choose music it chooses you.  Believe me I tried many times to move away from it but with no avail.”

“After I was able to somewhat wrap my head around what had happened I made the choice to lay low concerning my quest for stardom and not use the tragedy as a tool of sympathy to progress my career.  I did the complete opposite.  I felt exploiting such a tragedy would have been a cheap and sleazy thing to do and more than that would of dishonored the memory of my late husband Michael Thomas.  Good choice? Bad choice?  I guess one will never know but I will tell you this much, I could lay my head down at night with a clear conscious.”

“My goal is to finish what I started.  I didn’t come to this town at the age of 15 to fail.  I had earned many opportunities and was lucky I was given the chances to prove myself.  I was on quite a roll and could feel success just in my reach when the “rug” was pulled out from under me.”

“More than that I have found that after suffering such tragedy you’re not the same person you were before and never will be. This is both good and bad.  Innocence forever gone, while wisdom beyond ones years replaces it.”

“To be honest I wouldn’t want to be in my 20’s anymore.  I love what I’ve become.  Although I must say it seems I have to eat way less and exercise 100 times harder than I did in my 20’s!!!  That kinda sucks!”

“I’m proud of this project.  The team that came together to make this happen is amazing.  They sprinkled it with their love and beautiful talent.  Thanks guys!!!!!”

“This CD has already toured two countries!  We recorded the tracks in Nashville.  My producer Tim Thorney (Alanis Morrisette’s producer) from Toronto, Canada got the gifted Scott Gordon in Los Angeles do the mix, and last but not least it was mastered by the amazing Bob Ludwig in Portland, Maine. CRAZY!”

“I shot the photos at my farm just north of Nashville.  The horse (Valentino) in the photos is 28 years old!  I got him when he was 5 months old.  He has been one of the GREAT loves of my life!”

“I’m very proud to say that NONE of these photos have been photo shopped.  They may need to be but or butt!!!!  Ha Ha.”

“The making of this CD felt so right.  It feels like I have arrived, home.”

“If there were ever a time to be an old broad in the music business and be successful, it’s now!”

“What is it they’re saying?  40 is the new 20, well baby I may be “28” but I can still rock it! And intend too.”