Back (Matchbook Records / 2011)

Back1- Get Back On And Ride
2- Let’s Talk About Love
3- Feel The Fire
4- Love To Burn (with Dobie Gray)
5- Resting Place
6- Stumbling Over The Pieces Of My Broken Heart
7- Sing
8- You Shot Me
9- Holding Back the Hero
10- You Won’t Take Me Down
11- Proud Of You My Friend


Dana McVicker (Capitol Records / 1988)

Dana McVicker1- That Ain’t Love
2- Rock-A-Bye Heart
3- Call Me A Fool
4- I Know That Car
5- I’m Lonely For You Only
6- I’m Loving The Wrong Man Again
7- Two Women, One Man
8- Let’s Keep It That Way
9- It’s All So New To Me
10- Wrong End Of The Rainbow