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Get Back On And Ride  This song was written with many facets attached to its meaning. The first being the connection with falling off a horse and being told “you have to get right back on” so to show yourself and the horse that you are not afraid.  This also is a bit of a metaphor pertaining to life and the trials one must endure to become the fabulous humans we were meant to be. It spoke directly to my situation and mind set at that moment in time that it was written.  It was a couple years after the loss of my first husband Michael Thomas and I was still feeling pretty beat up by the endless reality of loss and struggle.  I was surrounded by dear friends that also happened to be the people I was co-writing with Keith “Cracker” Durham and Kendal Franceschi.  This song flew out of us in one afternoon.  It still speaks to my heart.  I know I’m not alone with the struggles life throws us so hopefully it will speak to your heart as it does mine.

Let’s Talk About Love  This song was written with my producer Tim Thorney and dear friend Kendal Franceschi.  Tim was in town and we got together and wrote a couple songs.  Tim had some really great lines that inspired us to write this song.  If you’ve been in a relationship past the honeymoon stage you might wake up one day and find yourself feeling like the fire is gone.  Now that’s not to say it can’t be rekindled and the task is to fight to get it back.   If you dig deep enough it’s always there and worth the work to fan the flames.  You just might remember all the awesome things about that person that made you fall in love. Go for it!!!

Feel The Fire  Wow, this one is heavy.  On the day this was written I was feeling particularly empty and broken. Again it was written after the loss of my first husband Michael Thomas.  I was with my dear friends Kendal Franceschi and Cracker Durham and more than likely in tears (they endured a lot of that from me) LOVE YOU GUYS!!  I couldn’t shake the icy coldness that was consuming my life.  I felt so completely isolated from everything.  I didn’t think I could keep going anymore what was the point.  When I lost my husband it seemed that everything in my life shut down.  For some reason that I couldn’t understand not only did I find myself a young widow I also found that the music industry that I had made my living with for my whole life was also closing me out.  My guess was they were afraid I would not be able to handle the work via fall apart while singing their song or something, so the phone was not ringing like before.  I desperately needed the work because being the young and invincible people we were never expected or prepared for such a tragedy and as a result did not have life insurance.  We had just bought our first house and the bills needed to be paid so I had to work.  This song was a cry for help.  The need to thaw the frozen part of me.

Love To Burn  This song was co-written by the incredible Dobie Gray. What can I say but that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world to not only be able to call Dobie a friend but also get to sing with him.   I guess I could go as far to say my life is now complete.  Dobie is one of the classiest guys in the biz.  I wish I had been a writer on this but none the less I just think it’s such a cool song and really lent its self to being a great duet.  It let me rock it and it felt sooooooo good!!! Thanks Dobie!  Love you man!!!

Resting Place  This song was written by my producer.  I knew the first time I heard this song that I had to record it someday.  It’s as if it was written just for me.  Now I’m talking the first time I heard it was about 18 years ago.  I had taken it to a couple producers here in Nashville that where interested in cutting some sides on me and when I played it for them they just looked at me like I had 2 heads.  I realized then that I was truly a different person after the loss of Michael and was totally cool with what I had become.  And guess what, I got to record the song, and I LOVE IT!!!!  I also got to work with one of music’s elite Jimmy Hall on this song.  I’ve know Jimmy for many years and he still blows me away!  He sings his a** off and plays a mean harp.  Just listen how cool he is on the step out answers!!!!! He also played harp on several of the other songs on this project.  Wow, I really am a lucky girl.

Stumbling Over The Pieces Of My Broken Heart  This was written with my soul sister Vickie Carrico.  I swear we are sisters from different mothers and fathers! Ha ha!!  This was written after I had stuck my toe in the waters of dating after being widowed.  Wow that was an experience!!!  See I had started dating my first husband when I was 17 so need I say that I had virtually no notches in my belt.  But here I stand today wiser and very happy with a husband of 14 years and two children to boot.

Sing  This is another song that was written by my producer.  Again when I heard this song years ago I said I have got to record this thing one day!!!!!  It lets me blow it out and say something that needs to be said.  Thanks Tim!!!!!!  So go ahead folks and SING!!!!!!!!

You Shot Me  Okay remember when I talked about sticking my toe in the waters of dating after being widowed?  Well I must say my first attempt was not so successful.  I learned that you can’t trust everyone.  But, lesson learned.  I got to write a great song because of the deception.  Watch who you share your story with not everyone will cherish and honor your openness.  This was written with my buddies Kendal and Cracker.

Holding Back The Hero  I had just read a great book by Scott Peck and met up with Kendal and Cracker on our usual bi-weekly writing session and couldn’t stop talking about it. In the book it talked about for whatever reason and at different levels we all hold back a greater part of ourselves. It talked about the hero that lives in all of us and voila!  I think this song comes with a beautiful message.  I hope it speaks to you at some level.

You Won’t Take Me Down  I wrote this from life experience.   I would not be honest if I said I had a charming childhood.  It was riddled with violence, deceit, heartbreak, and disrespect for my feelings, spirit and body.   Why one would do such to a child I will never understand.  What I do understand is that you can prevail.  It’s a journey that is not an easy one but well worth the effort.  Sure I carry the emotional scars but sometimes think of them as trophies.

Proud Of You My Friend  This song was written with my producer Tim and my friend Kendal.  It was inspired by a woman that was in my therapy group.  As I was listening to her talk I thought to myself “I’m so proud of you”.   As the song was being written I found that it was leaning in the direction of being “my story”.  I found that I was also “proud of me” of how far I had come in my life journey.  It feels strange and a bit presumptuous of me to make such a claim, but none the less true.  I say this with an open heart and no arrogance intended.

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