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5 Feb 2012

Welcome to my new website.  I guess you really can’t call it a new website, since that would indicate that there was an old website.  Instead, I should say welcome to my first website.  I hope you’ll spend some time looking around!

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    • Johnny Mack says:

      I love your website Dana, and I love your new CD. Love you!

    • Lenny Paquette says:

      Dana, your website is fantastic! So great to see your new site. I have to buy your CD “Back” in Nashville so you can autograph it for me. I am ALL FIRED UP to see you BACK! Love You Lady!

    • Ibrahim says:

      Hello and good morning 🙂 Love your falimy pics – you can find me on Facebook: Debbie Dillon (I have my book cover, “Walking in Son-Light” for my profile pic).Be blessed :)Debbie

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